General and Contact Information.
The Owner of the Website ( is:
EVIVA ED Computer Training LLC
Brand name: “MUNDOCRYPTO”
Office No: 3102 & 3103,
UBora Commercial Tower, Business Bay,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).
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This is the Privacy Policy of EVIVA ED Computer Training LLC, hereinafter referred to
as “EVIVA ED”, “we”, “us”, “our”, or by its brand name: “MUNDOCRYPTO”,
and it applies to information collected and processed by us in the course of our
business, including information processed on our websites
(,,, and
(each individually referred to as a “Website” and collectively as the “Websites”),
including any content, functionality, platform, customer support, or other interactive
areas or services, and services such as Mundocrypto Marketplace, Mundocrypto
Metaverse, and services offered on or through the Websites, Marketplace or
Metaverse (collectively, the “Services”), as well as any software and applications,
standalone or part of the Services, including mobile applications and content files
(collectively, the “Software”) whether from a visitor or a registered user (hereinafter
referred to as “user”, “you” or “your”).
MUNDOCRYPTO provides an online platform (the "Platform") that enables users to
interact and collaborate from anywhere in the globe using augmented and virtual
reality ("AR/VR") teleconferencing. Our Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") is intended
to assist you in exercising your privacy rights, and to understand our practices
regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of certain information, including your
personal information.
1. Our Core Values.
2. The Information We Gather.
3. How We Use Your Information And The Legal Basis For Using It.
4. The Circumstances Under Which We May Disclose Your Information.
5. Do We Use Cookies?
6. International Transfers.
7. Security Precautions.
8. Californian Privacy Policy Rights.
9. Information Regarding Children.
10. Data Storage.
11. Your Choices And Your Privacy Rights.

12. Links And Services From Third Parties.
13. Modifications To This Privacy Policy.
14. Concerns Regarding This Privacy Policy.
We value your privacy and are committed to a legal, ethical, and transparent handling of your
personal information while upholding a worldwide privacy perspective. To improve security, assure
consistency, and make the processes easy for users to understand, data collection, storage, and
processing should be streamlined as much as feasible. We equally believe that data practices should
meet the reasonable expectations of Users.
Our dedication to being open and honest about the information we gather about you, how it is used,
and with whom it is shared is part of our Core Values.
2.1 Information you provide to us.
2.1.1 Account Information. You will give us personal information (sometimes referred to as
"personally identifiable information" or "personal data" under relevant legislation) when you
register for an account with our Services. Your name, email address, gender, phone number,
avatar-making profile photo or image, and AR/VR device type could all be listed here. For
enterprise customers, we might also ask you for extra personal information, such as your
business's name, address, and job title. We may also gather the essential personal data from
users you have given permission to use the Services on your behalf.
2.1.2 Your correspondence with us. When you request information about our Services, sign up
for our newsletter, request customer or technical support, or otherwise communicate with us,
we may collect personal information from you, such as your email address, name, employer,
or other company with which you are associated, the type of AR/VR device you are using,
and your purchasing intentions.
2.1.3 Virtual spaces. When you use our Services, you can make your own virtual rooms and visit
those made by others (collectively, "Rooms"). With the use of the Services, you can
effortlessly share and collaborate with others by uploading photographs, documents, slides,
files, and other content (collectively, "Content") into the Rooms. We gather and preserve
information about the Rooms and the Content posted in the Rooms.
2.1.4 Teleconferencing. The Services enable you to utilize the sensors on your AR/VR device to
teleconference with other users within the Rooms. When you do this, we will record audio
and video of you and your surroundings and send it to other users, together with an avatar
created from your profile photo, to enable AR/VR teleconferencing. We also collect and retain
usage data describing teleconferencing activity within the Rooms, such as the number of files
uploaded, teleconference times and durations, and the identities of the users who
participated in the teleconferences.
2.1.5 Interactive Elements. With respect to the Services, we may provide interactive elements
such as forums, blogs, chat and messaging services, and social networking pages. The
information you submit or make available through these interactive features may be collected
by us and others who use our Services. Any content you submit through the public areas of
these features will be considered "public" and may not be subject to all of the privacy
safeguards mentioned herein. By utilizing these interactive features, you accept the risk that
the personal information you supply may be accessed and used for their own purposes by
third parties.
2.1.6 Payment Specifics. We may get payment information to allow you to pay us for the
Services, but we do not have access to sensitive personal information such as your credit
card information. To process payments for the Services, payment information is sent to a
third-party payment provider. We may receive non-sensitive personal information linked to
your payment information, such as your billing address and transaction details, but we do not
retain payment information on the Services.

2.1.7 Surveys. We may contact you to invite you to participate in surveys. If you choose to join,
you may be required to supply some information, including personal information.
2.1.8 Sweepstakes or contest registration. We may hold sweepstakes and competitions. If
authorized by law, the contact information you give may be used to notify you about the
sweepstakes or contest, as well as for other promotional, marketing, and commercial
purposes. We are required to publicly release information regarding winners in some
2.1.9 Trade shows and conferences. We may host and/or attend conferences and trade
exhibitions to obtain personal information from anyone who engage with or indicate interest
in Spatial and/or the Services. If you give us personal information at one of these events, we
will only use it for the purposes for which it was given to us.
2.1.10 Strategic Partnerships and Business Development. To assess and develop prospective
business opportunities, we may gather personal information from individuals and third
2.1.11 Job Applications. We reserve the right to advertise employment openings and opportunities
on the Services. If you respond to one of these jobs by sending us your application, CV,
and/or cover letter, we will collect and process the information therein, including personal
information, to assess your appropriateness, aptitude, skills, and qualifications for the
advertised position.
2.2 Information we collect automatically.
2.2.1 Data collection is done automatically. When you use the Services, we may automatically
gather certain personal information. This personal information may include your Internet
protocol (IP) address, user settings, MAC address, cookie identifiers, mobile carrier, mobile
advertising and other unique identifiers, details about your browser, operating system or
device, location information (including inferred location based on your IP address), Internet
service provider, pages that you visit before, during, and after using the Services, information
about the links you click, information about how you use the Services, information about how
you use the Services, information about how Personal information gathered by us may be
linked to accounts, other devices, Rooms, and teleconferences.
2.2.2 Information about AR/VR Devices. When you use the Services, we automatically gather
camera, microphone, and telemetry data from your AR/VR device. Telemetry data defines
your AR/VR device and how you use it, and it may contain information about the sort of
AR/VR device, its settings, and how it performs. Telemetry data may include describe
additional devices connected to the AR/VR device, such as a computer or mobile device, as
well as information about your network connection. Telemetry information may also include
information about your physical environment and movements inside it. We may gather
personal information detailing your precise position using a GPS or other sensor on the AR/VR
device or any device used in conjunction with the AR/VR device with your consent.
2.2.3 Web Beacons, Cookies, and Personalized Advertising. We and third-party providers of
content, advertising, or other functionality on the Services may use cookies, pixel tags, local
storage, and other technologies ("Technologies") to gather personal information automatically
through the Services. Technologies are simply little data files that we and our partners place
on your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or other devices to capture certain pieces of
information whenever you visit or interact with the Services. “Cookies” are little text files
that are stored in the browsers of visitors' devices to store their preferences. You can prevent
and erase cookies in most browsers. However, doing so may cause the Services to
malfunction or not to function properly. A “pixel tag” (also known as a “web beacon”) is a
piece of code that is inserted on the Services and collects data about user involvement. The
usage of a pixel enables us to record, for example, that a person viewed a specific web page
or clicked on specific content. Web beacons may also be included in e-mails to determine
whether messages have been opened, acted on, or forwarded.
2.2.4 Analytics. We collect anonymized or aggregate information on user behaviour and
demographics on the Services through service providers such as Google Analytics, and
others. To learn more about Google Analytics, go to By visiting, you can opt out of Google's processing of data
created by your usage of the Services.
2.2.5 Providers of Session Replay. For session replay analytics, we employ service providers
such as FullStory. FullStory is a service provider that enables us to record and replay a user's
interactions with the Services. The privacy policy of FullStory may be found at You can stop FullStory from collecting your
information by going to
2.3.1 Personal information about you may be obtained from other sources, including third-party
services. MUNDOCRYPTO may permit you to create an account and/or use our Services using
third-party login services such as Google (each, a "Third-Party Account"). If you use our
Services in conjunction with a Third-Party Account, we will get basic account information such
as your email address, complete name, profile photo, and unique user IDs or tokens used by
the third-party service. We will also receive files and other information from these third-party
services, such as files from Google Drive, Google Docs, or Dropbox, that you directly link to
when using the Services.
3.1 Our Services. We utilize the information we collect/obtain to run our business and provide
you with the best Services and experiences possible. We rely on many legal bases to ensure
that the information we collect/obtain is used in accordance with the applicable laws. We use
information to support our commercial interactions with you, to meet legal responsibilities,
and to pursue our legitimate business interests.
3.2 Business partnerships that are pre-contractual, contractual, and post-contractual.
We utilize personal information to enter into commercial connections with prospective Users
and to fulfill contractual responsibilities arising from our communications with our Users. Here
are some examples of how we use information under this condition:
a) To provide services to you, such as processing, maintaining, and servicing your
b) To answer to or connect with you, for example, whether you submit a request or
enquiry via a contact form, or any other channel dedicated to such usage,
c) Payment card and/or other financial information processing to facilitate your use of
the Services;
d) To responding to inquiries, suggestions, and other requests;
e) To provide access specific locations, capabilities, and features of the Services;
f) To request customer service through any channels designated for this purpose,
g) To provide, operate, and maintain our website,
h) To improve, personalize, and expand our website,
i) To understand and analyze how you use our website,
j) To develop new products, services, features, and functionality,
k) To communicate with you, either directly or through one of our partners, including
for customer service, to provide you with updates and other information relating to
the website, and for marketing and promotional purposes,
l) To send you emails,
m) To find and prevent fraud.

3.3 Legal and Regulatory Compliance. To comply with applicable regulations, we use
personal information to authenticate the identity of our Users. These obligations are imposed
on us by the operation of the law, industry standards, and our financial partners, and may
necessitate reporting our compliance to third parties and subjecting ourselves to third-party
verification audits. Here are some examples of how we use information under this condition:
a) Reducing monetary loss, claims, liabilities, or other harm to our users or the
b) Attending to legal and regulatory compliance; and

c) Responding to court orders, lawsuits, subpoenas, and government inquiries.
3.4 Legitimate business interests. We process certain personal information about you based
on our legitimate business interests. The following list contains the legitimate business
purposes that we have recognized. We balanced our interests against the legitimate interests
and rights of the persons whose personal information we process in deciding the content of
this list. Here are some examples of how we use information under this condition:
a) For analytics, this is our ability to study how users proceed through our
website/application to improve them and to know our user base. In terms of
advertising, this is our ability to offset development costs and risk with advertising
b) Mitigating financial loss, claims, liabilities, or other harm to Users and the Company;
c) Protecting the security or integrity of our Platform and our business, such as by
detecting and preventing fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims, and other
liabilities, and managing risk exposure, including identifying potential hackers and
other unauthorized users;
d) Promoting, analyzing, updating, and upgrading our Platform, systems, and tools, as
well as establishing new services;
e) Managing, operating, and increasing the performance of our Platform and Services by
analyzing their effectiveness and maximizing our digital assets;
f) Conducting aggregate analysis and creating business intelligence that allows us to
operate, defend, make informed decisions, and report on our company's success;
g) Sharing personal information with Third-Party Service Providers who perform services
on our behalf and business partners who assist us in running and improving our
h) Ensuring network and information security throughout the Platform and our Services.
3.5 Marketing and Advertising Activities. We may send you marketing and advertising
communications about the Company, the Platform (website and application), and the
Services; invite you to participate in our events or surveys; or otherwise communicate with
you for marketing purposes; and customize the marketing and advertising that we provide to
you (we offer marketing and advertising choices as set out in the section below titled "Your
Communication Choices"); provided that we do so in accordance with the consent
requirements. When we acquire your contact information through our participation in events,
we may use the information to contact you about the event, provide you information about
our Services that you have requested, and, with your permission, include you on our
newsletter. We may use personal information for other reasons that are made clear to you
when you contribute personal information or with your consent. You have the right to
revoke your consent to our collection, use, or disclosure of your personal
information at any time.
3.6 De-identified and Aggregated Information Use. We may use your personal information
and other information to create de-identified and/or aggregated information, such as de-
identified demographic information, de-identified location information, de-identified or
aggregated trends, reports, or statistics, or other analyses we develop, and we may use and
disclose such information for a variety of purposes, including research, internal analysis,
analytics, and any other legally permissible purposes.
3.7 Sharing Content with others. We provide a variety of tools and features for sharing
Content and personal information with others. To enhance your usage of the Services, for
example, we allow you to combine our services with popular business tools such as Google
Drive and Slack, as well as upload Content from applications into Rooms. You have control
over who you share this Content and information with, how long you use it, and when you
remove or stop using it. Except for the special cases listed below, our platform only accesses
and stores the Content and personal information that you specifically import into the Services
on your behalf, and we do not share this data outside of the context of your use, i.e., your
use in Rooms with other individuals of your choosing. Furthermore, you have the option to
disengage the platform from third-party services like as Google Drive, thereby removing our
access. Also, we may permit you to give personal information about others via our referral
services. Our referral services may enable you to forward or share certain material with a
friend or colleague, for example, an email urging your buddy to utilize our Services.

3.8 How We Use Automatic Collection Technologies. Our uses of the automatic collection
Technologies fall into the following general categories:
a) Operationally Required. This includes technologies that allow you to access our
Services and are required to detect abnormal behaviour, prevent fraudulent conduct,
and improve security, as well as technologies that allow you to use our features.
b) Performance. We may utilize Technologies to evaluate the functioning of our
Services, including as part of our analytic procedures to better understand how our
visitors interact with the Services.
c) Functionality. We may employ Technologies to provide you with greater
functionality when accessing or using our Services. This may involve recognizing you
when you sign into our Services and remembering your selected preferences or
previous pages visited; and
d) Advertising or targeting/re-targeting. We may use first-party or third-party
Technologies to create and deliver content, including advertisements relevant to your
interests, on our Services or on third-party sites. We will seek your express approval
to such advertisements, depending on applicable law. Your personal information is
never sold.
e) Tracking across many devices. Your surfing activities may be traced across
multiple websites as well as devices or apps. For example, we may seek to connect
your mobile device surfing activity with your laptop browsing activity. To accomplish
this, our technology partners may share data such as your browsing history, geo-
location, and device identifiers, and will match personal information from browsers
and devices that appear to be used by the same individual.

We may share your personal information with the following categories of third parties:
4.1 Service Providers. Any personal information we collect about you may be shared with our
third-party service providers. We entrust information to service providers for the following
purposes: (i) provision of the Services; (ii) provision of information, products, and other
services you have requested; (iii) marketing and advertising; (iv) payment and transaction
processing; (v) customer service activities; and (vi) provision of IT and related services. We
do so in accordance with the applicable law, which may need the execution of data
processing agreements or addenda. We may equally share personal information with business
partners to provide you with a requested product or service, as well as with commercial
partners with whom we collaborate to provide our products or services.
4.2 Advertising Partners. We may allow third-party advertising partners to set Technologies
and other tracking tools through our Services to gather personal information about your
activity and device (e.g., your IP address, cookie identifiers, page(s) viewed, location, time of
day). This information (and similar information collected from other websites) may be used
by these advertising partners to show tailored advertisements to you when you visit third-
party services within their networks. This is also known as "interest-based advertising" or
"tailored advertising." We may request your consent to engage in such activities, depending
on your location and the applicable law. If you do not want your personal information shared
with third-party advertising partners, please up-out by following the procedures outlined
4.3 Information Shared with Other Users. Certain personal information may be shared with
other users when you use the Services, including when you use our teleconferencing services.
This personal information may include your account information (such as your name and
profile photo or avatar), the content you choose to display, as well as any sounds or images
of you or your surroundings captured by your AR/VR device sensors while you are
teleconferencing. Please keep in mind that MUNDOCRYPTO has little or no control over how
others utilize the Content you share. While using the Services, you can pick with whom you
want to share your Content in Rooms.
4.4 APIs and Software Development Kits. APIs and SDKs are acronyms for Application
Programming Interfaces and Software Development Kits. As part of the functioning of our
Services, we may employ third-party APIs and software development kits ("SDKs"). APIs and

SDKs may permit third parties to obtain your personal information, subject to applicable
legislation, to present you with more relevant Content. For additional information about our
use of APIs and SDKs, please contact us using the contact details provided herein.
4.5 Apple Specific Apis. We locate and communicate the user's voice, camera video feed, 3D
physical position, and facial expression using biometric and audio data provided by the
microphone, front and rear facing cameras, TrueDepth, and ARKit. Data, including personal
data, is communicated to other participants on your current conversation via our Providers
and trusted and vetted third-party services. All data is encrypted while in transit, is never
retained on MUNDOCRYPTO servers, and is never utilized for marketing or advertising. We
also offer "Scan Functionality," which enables you to create a 3D scan of your
surroundings. To generate 3D scans ("Scan Data"), we use the Camera API and the
TrueDepth camera to capture depth and color data. Spatial does not use Face Data, as
described in the Apple Developer Program License ("Face Data" meaning information on
human faces) (e.g., face mesh data, facial map data, face modeling data, facial coordinates,
or facial landmark data, including data from an uploaded photo). Third parties are not given
access to scan data. The app's container stores Scan Data locally on the device. Furthermore,
if you create an account and sign in, Scan Data is encryptedly synced to MUNDOCRYPTO's
safe servers, where you may log in and download scans. We will keep this data until you
remove your MUNDOCRYPTO account or erase specific data elements. You can delete data by
going to the content portal or sending an email to You have
complete control over the further dissemination or sharing of Scan Data from the app or our
platform. You may use the Application to record scans or photos of your face ("Face Data")
but doing so is not essential to utilize Platform (or any other part of the Services).
4.6 Disclosures to Protect Us or Others. We may access, preserve, and disclose any personal
information we store about you to third parties if we believe it is necessary or appropriate to:
(i) comply with law enforcement or national security requests and legal process, such as a
court order or subpoena; (ii) protect your, our, or others' rights, property, or safety; (iii)
enforce our policies or contracts; (iv) collect amounts owed to us; or (v) assist with an
investigation and the prosecution of suspected or actual illegal activities.
4.7 Merger, Sale, or Other Asset Transfers. If we are involved in a merger, acquisition,
financing due diligence, reorganization, bankruptcy, receivership, asset purchase or sale, or
service transition to another provider, your personal information may be transferred as part of
that transaction, as permitted by law and/or contract.
Yes. Cookies are tiny files that a website or its service provider transfers to your computer's hard disk
(if you allow) to allow the site's or service provider's systems to recognize your browser and capture
and store certain information. You have the option to disable cookies but doing so may impair your
ability to use or access certain areas of the App or our website (the Platform).
We use cookies and other similar identifiers to understand and save your preferences for future visits,
to advertise to you on other sites, and to compile aggregate data about site traffic and site interaction
so that we can offer better site experiences and tools in the future. You may refuse to accept cookies
by activating the setting on your browser that allows you to refuse the setting of cookies. You can
find information on popular browsers and how to adjust your cookie preferences at the following
 Microsoft Internet Explorer
 Mozilla Firefox
 Google Chrome
 Apple Safari
If you disable cookies, you may be unable to access certain portions of our platform and
services/products. Please keep in mind that browser-based cookie management solutions are not
under our control, and we cannot guarantee their efficiency. On your first visit to our website, you will
see a banner requesting you to accept our cookies policy (or the first visit after you delete your

cookies). Unless you have changed your browser settings to reject cookies and/or have not accepted
our cookies policy, our system will send cookies to you when you visit our site.
Our web pages may contain electronic images known as web beacons (also called single-pixel gifs)
that we use to help deliver cookies on our website, and to count users who have visited our website.
We may also include web beacons in our promotional email messages or newsletters, to determine
whether and when you open and act on them. We often cooperate with other firms to post web
beacons on their websites or in their adverts, in addition to placing web beacons on our own
websites. This allows us to compile information on how frequently clicking on an advertisement on
our website leads to a purchase or other actions on the advertiser's website.
Do Not Track (DNT) is a privacy preference that users can set in some web
browsers, allowing users to opt out of tracking by websites and online
services. At the present time, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has not
yet established universal standards for recognizable DNT signals and
therefore, neither the App nor the website recognize DNT. Finally, our Platform may use web beacons
or other similar technologies from third-party analytics providers, which allow us to create aggregated
information about the efficacy of our promotional campaigns or other operations. These technologies
allow analytics providers to put or read their own cookies or other identifiers on your device, allowing
them to collect data about your online activity across applications, websites, and other
We are a multinational corporation. Personal information may be stored and processed in any location
where we have operations or where Service Providers are engaged. We may transfer personal
information about you that we keep to receivers in countries other than the one where the
information was originally collected. If a data transfer is necessary for the reason for which you
provided your data, any data that you provide to us may be accessed, transferred, or processed by
our offices, situated in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and service providers based in the UAE and
overseas. Your personal information may need to cross international boundaries as a result, including
but not limited to transfers from the UAE to the European Economic Area (the "EEA"). The data
protection requirements could be different and less stringent than those that apply in your
jurisdiction. Every time personal data is transferred overseas, we maintain the necessary security
measures as required by applicable legislation, and we will always get your permission or consent
When your personal information is transferred from the EU to countries outside the European
Economic Area (EEA), we implement security measures and appropriate safeguards to protect it, and
we ensure that all transfers of your information comply with applicable data protection law and are
carried out in accordance with our instructions. We may employ certain legal processes, such as the
appropriate EU “Model Clauses” (The term "EU Model Clauses" refers to the standard clauses for
the transfer of personal information to a controller established in a third country under European
Commission Decision 2001/497/EC of 15 June 2001, as amended by European Commission Decision
2004/915/EC of 27 December 2004, and the standard clauses for the transfer of personal information
to processors established in a third country under European Commission Decision 2010/87/EC of 5
February 2010.), as an adequate safeguard with any party (including EVIVA ED In Dubai) to whom
your information is transmitted outside the EEA. To learn more about how we protect personal
information in connection to transfers outside the EEA (including getting a copy of such safeguards),
please contact us using the information provided in the contact details herein.
If you live in California and the processing of personal information about you is governed by the
California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA"), you will have specific rights to such information as from
January 2020. You have the right to request the following information be supplied to you:
a) The categories and specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you.
b) The categories of sources from which we collect personal information.
c) The purposes for collecting, using, or selling personal information.

d) The categories of third parties with which we share personal information.
e) For companies that disclose personal information for a business purpose, the categories of
personal information disclosed about you for a business purpose.
f) For companies that “sell” personal information, the categories of personal information sold
about you and the categories of third parties to which the personal information was sold, by
category or categories of personal information for each third party to which the personal
information was sold.
You may make a “request to know” by following the instructions below. Note that we have provided
much of this information in this Privacy Policy.
Regarding (5), the CCPA defines "business purpose" broadly; and because we use service providers
for a variety of business purposes that require access to our data systems (such as maintaining
system security, providing cloud data storage, and providing customer service), we have disclosed for
a business purpose all of the categories of personal information that we maintain in the last 12
Regarding (6), please keep in mind that, while we do not sell personal information in the traditional
sense, the CCPA defines "sell" very broadly, and some of our tracking, analytics, and advertising
activities with third parties, as described in our " Cookie Policy " or " CCPA- Do Not Sell My Personal
Information " page, may be considered a "sale" under that definition. You also have the option to opt
out of future personal information sales by visiting our " Cookie Policy " or " CCPA- Do Not Sell My
Personal Information " pages.
You also have a right to request that we delete personal information under certain circumstances,
subject to a number of exceptions. Finally, you have a right not to be discriminated against for
exercising rights set out in the CCPA.
Contact us at for a request to know or a request to erase. You may appoint an
authorized agent to make requests on your behalf to exercise your CCPA rights in writing or through a power of
attorney. We will require the agent to produce confirmation that you have authorized it to act on your behalf
before accepting such a request from an agent, and we may require you to authenticate your identification
directly with us.
We take precautions to keep your personal information private and in accordance with this Privacy
Policy. To protect your personal information from loss, theft, and unauthorized access, use, and
modification, we employ reasonable administrative, logical, physical, and managerial safeguards.
These safeguards are intended to ensure a level of security commensurate with the risks associated
with the processing of your personal information. Unfortunately, no security measures can be
guaranteed to be completely safe, and we cannot guarantee or promise the security of any
information you send to us.
By using the Services or supplying personal information to us, you agree that we may communicate
with you electronically about security, privacy, and administrative concerns connected to your use of
the Services, to the extent authorized by applicable law. If we become aware of a security system
breach, we may seek to notify you electronically by posting a notice on the Services or sending you
an e-mail.
The Services are not intended for anyone under the age of 16 (or children as defined by applicable
legislation), and we do not intentionally collect personal information from children. We will make
every effort to verify that you are at least 16 years old, and if you are not, please do not misrepresent
your age or use the Services. Parents and guardians, if you discover that your kid has provided us
with personal information without your permission, please notify us using the details provided below.
If we discover that we have gathered personal information about a child in violation of relevant law,
we will quickly destroy that information.

We keep the personal information we collect as described in this Privacy Policy for as long as you use
our Services, continue to have an account with us, or if it is required to fulfill the purpose(s) for which
it was collected, to provide our Services, resolve disputes, establish legal defences, conduct audits,
pursue legitimate business purposes, enforce our agreements with you, and to comply with applicable
laws. You can request that your account be closed by reaching out to us with the contact details
provided herein, and we will remove your personal information upon your request. We may, however,
preserve personal information for a longer period if authorized or needed by relevant laws, for legal,
tax, or regulatory purposes, or for legitimate and lawful business objectives.
Because these requirements change for different types of data, actual retention periods can vary
greatly. We utilize the following factors to determine retention periods:
a) How long is the personal data required to make our services (app, website, and/or platform)
available to you and/or operate our business? This involves things like maintaining and
upgrading the performance of our app, website, and/or platform, keeping our systems safe,
and keeping acceptable business and financial records. This is the general norm that serves
as the starting point for most data retention durations.
b) Is there an automated control, such as one in your user dashboard, that allows you to access
and erase personal information at any time? If there isn't, a shorter data retention period will
be used.
c) Is the personal information sensitive? In that case, a shorter retention time would be
d) Has the user agreed to an extended retention period? If this is the case, we will keep the
data in accordance with your consent.
e) Is EVIVA ED required by law, contract, or other means to keep the data? Examples include
mandated data retention rules in the applicable jurisdiction, government demands to preserve
data pertinent to an inquiry/investigation, or data required for litigation purposes.
11.1 Your Choices.
a) General. You may have the right to opt into certain uses of your personal information, or to
object to or opt out of certain uses of your personal information based on the type of use and/or
your geographic location. You may withdraw your permission to the processing of your personal
information at any time by contacting us with the contact details provided herein.
b) Email correspondence. If you receive an undesired email from us, you may opt out of
receiving future emails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Please keep in
mind that you will continue to receive transactional communications about the items or services
you have requested. We may also send you non-promotional information about us and our
Services, and you will be unable to opt out of receiving those communications (e.g.,
communications regarding the Services or updates to this Privacy Policy).
c) Mobile phones. Through our App/website and/or platforms, we may send you push alerts. You
can opt out of getting these types of communications at any time by changing the settings on
your mobile device. If you use our services, we may additionally gather precise location
information with your permission. You can opt out of this collection by adjusting your mobile
device's settings.
d) "Do Not Track." Do Not Track ("DNT") is a privacy preference that users can enable or disable
in specific web browsers. Please keep in mind that we do not respond to or honour DNT signals
or other similar techniques sent by web browsers.
e) Cookies and Targeted or Interest-Based Advertising. You can halt, restrict, or delete the
placement of Technologies on your device by setting your choices as your browser or device
allows. We may seek your express consent to the setting of cookies, depending on your location
and applicable law. Please keep in mind that cookie-based opt-outs do not work on mobile
applications. However, by following the instructions for Android and iOS, you can opt out of
tailored or personalised adverts on some mobile applications. You can also opt out of receiving
targeted ads from advertisers who participate in self-regulatory schemes through websites
provided by the online advertising industry. These can be found at out.asp,,

and, as well as further information about targeted advertising,
consumer choice, and privacy.
11.2 Your Privacy Rights.
When it comes to your information, you may have several rights (subject to specific limitations) under
applicable data protection laws. The data protection regulator in your jurisdiction can provide you
with additional information and advice about your rights. You can exercise any of these rights by
contacting us using the contact details provided herein.
11.2.1 The right to object to processing. You may have the right to object to some forms of
processing, including direct marketing processing (i.e. receiving emails from us notifying you
about other services which we think will be of interest to you or being contacted with varying
potential opportunities).
11.2.2 The right to information. You may have the right to get clear, transparent, and simple
information about how we use your information and your rights with respect to the collection,
use and storage of your personal information by us. Therefore, we have provided you with
the information in this Privacy Policy.
11.2.3 The right to Access. You may be able to request access to specific pieces of your
information that we have acquired, as well as certain additional information (like that
provided in this Privacy Policy).
11.2.4 The right to be corrected/rectification. If your information is incorrect or incomplete,
you may be entitled to have it corrected, changed, or rectified. You can ask us to correct any
inaccuracies in the information we have about you on file.
11.2.5 The right to be forgotten. This right allows you to seek the deletion or removal of personal
information that we keep, subject to certain limitations.
11.2.6 The right to limit processing. You may be able to 'stop' or prevent further use of your
information. When processing is restricted in accordance with these rights, we may keep your
information, but we will not use it further. We keep a list of people who have requested that
further use of their information be 'restricted' to ensure that the restriction is followed in the
11.2.7 The right to Data portability. You have the right to collect and reuse your information
across multiple services. For example, if you decide to change providers. However, this is not
a general right, and there are exceptions.
11.2.8 The right to withdraw consent. If the processing of your personal data is based on your
consent, you have the right to revoke it at any time (although if you do so, it does not mean
that anything we have done with your personal data with your consent up to that point is
unlawful). You have the right to revoke your consent to the processing of your information at
any time.
11.2.9 The right to file a complaint. You may have the right to file a complaint with your national
data protection regulator about how we handle or process your information.
If your personal information is gathered within the European Economic Area (EEA), you can contact
us using the TASTECH contact information to exercise any of the above-mentioned rights.
At our discretion, we may incorporate or offer third-party products or services on our website or
through our App on occasion. Other websites/applications may reference or link to our Services,
websites/applications. If you use the links provided to visit other websites, and/or applications, the
operators of those websites/applications, may collect information about you that they will use in line
with their privacy policies. These third-party websites have their own privacy rules. We have no
control over these third-party services, websites, or applications. We recommend that our users read
the privacy policies of each website and application with which they engage. We do not sponsor,
screen, or approve such other websites or applications, and we are not responsible for their privacy
policies or content. You do it at your own risk by visiting these other websites or applications.
Nonetheless, we strive to safeguard our site's integrity and welcome any input concerning these sites.

MUNDOCRYPTO has the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, and any changes will be
effective upon publishing. If we make significant changes to how we treat your Personal Information,
we will post a notice on our Platform (App and Website) prior to the change taking effect. In our sole
discretion, we may also notify you by email. Unless you consent to the new or revised policy, we will
use your Personal Information in accordance with the Privacy Policy in effect at the time you provided
the information.
If you have a technical or customer service query, please contact us at _____________________. If
you have a privacy concern, complaint, or question for us, please contact us at We will react within 30 days to any inquiries or concerns. If you believe we
have not addressed your concerns, or if you prefer, you have the right to file a complaint with a
regulatory authority in your home country and/or the United Arab Emirates.
EVIVE ED Computer Training LLC is the data controller for personal data collected through the App,
website and/or the platform unless otherwise specified.
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